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Post Posted: Dec 11, 2005 7:28 pm 
Scanner Monitor
Scanner Monitor
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My Father and siblings all enlisted in the Marines, Navy, Army or Army Air Force within a few days to a few months of Pearl Harbor and had six kids from the family in harms way for the duration. The other two were too young. All survived the war, even through the Marine island hopping in the Pacific and D-day paratroop landings in France. Several have now passed on of natural causes but I recently got my Dad and one Uncle to record their recollections of their enlistment, training and deployment to the Pacific with the Marines. My Dad got six weeks of training while my Uncle only got two weeks training before being sent into combat. In two weeks you can barely get a sense of discipline, chain of command and which end of the gun to point. Those were desperate times, desperate people but we as a nation came together to meet that threat and BEAT that threat. It was a different time, a difficult time with rationing of meat, butter and many other items. Be grateful that we don't have that sort of all-out war that occurred at that time. We need to remember the sacrifice of sons, daughters, husbands and parents that took place then. But for the sacrifice of them we would be speaking Japanese or German. THANKS TO ALL WW 2 Veterans and All Veterans of all our Wars (And "Police Engagements").
Misskate, thanks for sharing the story of the Ghost of our Soldiers with us.

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Post Posted: Dec 11, 2005 11:07 pm 
Prolific Pinecam Poster
Prolific Pinecam Poster
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You are very welcome Rak. As was addressed in different Forum -- my son was in Mosul, Iraq for nine months as an Independent Contractor. I have a very strong connection and feeling of support for everyone who is over there, as well as any who have served in the past wars. As I know all of you do, as well. My heart aches for their mothers, wives, husbands, fathers and children -- but feel we are doing the right thing by being there.

My son is home safe and sound -- but would like nothing more than to go back. It is all we can do to keep him here. He has the choice as he was not in the military -- however, his experiences were the same. He has suffered such tragedy in his young life, as so many have. Not only over there, but also on the home front. But, he is a true Patriot and is ready to return to Iraq at any time. The Company he was with over there would like very much to have him back in their employ. I fear the day will come when he calls to inform us he is headed back -- we will support his decisions.

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Post Posted: Dec 12, 2005 8:36 am 
Pinecam Hall of Fame poster!
Pinecam Hall of Fame poster!
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This has been posted before but I think it is very timely

Twas the Night Before Christmas
He lived all alone,
In a One Bedroom House
Made of Plaster and Stone

I had come down the Chimney
With Presents to Give,
And to see just who In this Home did live.

I looked All About,
A strange Sign did I see,
No Tinsel. No Presents.
Not even a Tree.

No stocking by Mantle,
Just boots filled with sand.
On the wall hung a picture
Of far distant lands.

With Medals and Badges,
Awards of all Kinds
A sober thought
Came through my mind.

For This House was different
It was dark and dreary
I foun d the Home of a Soldier
Once I could see Clearly.

The Soldier Lay Sleeping
Silent, Alone
Curled up on the floor
Of this One Bedroom Home.

The face was so Gentle
The room in such Disorder
Not how I pictured
A United States Soldier.

Was This The Hero
Of Whom I Just Read?
Curled up on A Poncho
The floor for a bed?

I realized the Families
That I saw This Night,
Owed Their Lives to These Soldiers
Who were willing to fight.

Soon Round the World,
The Children Would Play,
And Grown-ups would Celebrate
A Bright Christmas Day.

They all enjoyed Freedom
Each month of the Year.
Because of the Soldiers
Like the one lying here.

I couldn't help wonder
How many lay alone,
On a cold Christmas Eve
In a land far from Home.

The very thought
Brought a tear to My eye,
I dropped to my knees,
and I started to Cry.

The Soldier awakened
And I heard A rough voice,
Sa nta don't cry,
This Life is my Choice.

I fight for Freedom,
I don't Ask for More,
My life is My God,
My Country, My Corps.

The Soldier rolled over,
And drifted to sleep,
I couldn't Control it,
I continued to weep.

I Kept watch for hours,
So silent and still.
And we both shivered
From The cold night's chill.

I didn't want to leave
On that cold, dark night,
This Guardian of Honor
So willing to fight.

Then the Soldier rolled over,
With a voice soft and pure,
Whispered "Carry on Santa,
It's Christmas Day, All is Secure."

One look at my watch,
And I knew he was right.
"Merry Christmas My Friend,
And To All A Good Night."

Air Force. Army. Marines. Coast Guard. Navy.
A Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan wrote this poem. The following is his request:

"PLEASE, Would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon an d some credit is due our U.S. Servicemen and women for our being able to celebrate this festivities."

Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us. Please, do your small part to plant this small seed. "I think his is more reasonable! If you agree, Please pass it on>"

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