Press Release and Thank You to the Denver Broncos
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Author:  crowfeather [ Jul 22, 2005 9:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Press Release and Thank You to the Denver Broncos

As you may know, the Blacksheep were visited on the 4th of July by the Denver Bronco cheerleaders. Ranger Bob sent us photos he took of the entertainment and the awards ceremony the cheerleaders took part in. He asked us to "thank the Denver folks for sending the cheerleaders." So, I did.

Below is the release I sent to the Broncos, including Ranger Bob's photos.

July 8, 2005
Troop Support Action Committee
Pine, Colorado

The Denver Broncos's TSAC (Troop Support Action Committee) wants to offer you thanks, on behalf of the Blacksheep Company of the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), for your entertaining visit to the troops in Afghanistan . Anticipation seems to have almost equaled the event, if the following excerpt from an email TSAC received from "Ranger Bob" is any indicator.

"June 30
Colorado has just provided some great additional support! The Denver Bronco Cheerleaders are on their way and will visit 2 of our camps. This is a particularly big deal since our camps are considered too far out for most of the visiting entertainment, so these will be our first non military visitors. It's almost enough to make me switch from being a Packers fan!

"Ranger Bob" is the online nickname used by the Public Affairs Officer to the 503rd.
He has been a regular poster on Pinecam's community discussion forum prior to his unit's deployment to Afghanistan. Following are email messages and photos from Ranger Bob which TSAC received after your visit.
"July 5
...The other two photos are of our awards ceremony in which several members of the battalion were recognized for achievements and wounds suffered in our last several engagements. Quite a few of our paratroopers were recognized for valor. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders took part in the ceremony and provided a 4th of July show as well...
...Please pass along our thanks to the Denver people for sending the Broncos cheerleaders over to see us on July 4th.
Thank you again,



[center]Photos by "Ranger Bob", 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne)[/center]

And, received today from the Broncos:

Debra, thanks very much for your kind note. I will certainly pass it on to the cheerleaders who made the trip as well as other members of our organization. The Denver Broncos join the many organizations across the United States who have tried to express its gratitude toward the many servicemen and women who are helping to keep our world a safe place. Thanks again for writing and we wish all the members of our armed forces a safe and speedy return home.

Mike Sarro

Internet Services Manager

Denver Broncos Football Club

Author:  Henry [ Jul 22, 2005 9:29 pm ]
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Nice. 8)

Author:  mtnmaiden [ Jul 22, 2005 9:37 pm ]
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Sweet!! Thanks for sharing!

Author:  TillerBee [ Jul 24, 2005 6:46 am ]
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Well done, crowfeather! You did a great job reporting the visit. Sometimes we forget just how isolated our troops are in Afghanistan and how out of the way they are to visits from groups from the USA. All the more reason for us, TSAC and Pinecammers and the mountain community, to send items and letters to our boys in uniform there.

I really like your TSAC banner - it says it all! :USA:

Where do you send your press releases?

Author:  crowfeather [ Jul 24, 2005 12:22 pm ]
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Thank you all for your kind words on my efforts. :bow:

Tiller, the releases go to:
The Flume, Canyon Courier, High Timber Times
The Rocky Mtn News/Denver Post
Channels 4, 7 & 9
Associated Press
Army News
Stars and Stripes
and any Web sites I find that say they are looking for news about troop support activities. I have a list of email addresses for all these folks, some supplied by my daughter, the public affairs officer. She reads the releases and tells me I wasted 40 years in medicine; I should have been in PR. Thanks, kid. :boxing: She has always been a wise@$$.

The only way to know if the releases are published is to check the Web sites and newspapers regularly. Acknowledgements such as the one from the Broncos are rare. If the AP picks up anything I send, the potential for world wide exposure exists; many other news services use photos and news bits gleaned from the AP. So, theoretically, I guess one could surf the 'Net and come across a TSAC photo just about anywhere! :yikes:

I'm drafting a new release now, talking about the last shipment, shipments to come, the recent successful (!) fund raisers and those planned for the near future. I also have another one drafted, detailing Squirrel's baking brigade, but want some photos of baking and packing in progress for that one, and am waiting to hear about the response to our last two boxes of home-made goodies, to include in the baking release.

I'm open to suggestions, if anyone can think of another avenue for exposure for TSAC's activities. Give me names, addresses and/or email addresses and I'll send a release to them.

Did anybody take photos at the Safeway fund raiser? If anybody has good photos of any TSAC activity or event, I'd appreciate it if you could PM them to me. Photo releases are faster and easier to put together, and for many of the outlets I'm targeting, a photo has more impact than a written article. I can render your face unrecognizeable, if you wish. Just say so in the PM. I will credit any photo I use in a release, stating only your Pinecam nick, unless you specifically tell me otherwise. Thanks. :D

Author:  Colo Av Fan [ Jul 24, 2005 12:56 pm ]
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This is so great!!! I have a whole new respect for the Denver Bronco cheerleaders!

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