Pinecam's Operational Security (OpSec) Policy
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Author:  Henry [ Feb 26, 2005 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Pinecam's Operational Security (OpSec) Policy

Pinecam Operational Security (OpSec) Policy

Operational Security (OpSec) is everyone?s responsibility. While civilian web sites are not subject to the provisions of military issued OpSec regulations, they are strongly encouraged to use them as guidelines in the safeguarding of any type of information that could lead an enemy combatant to deduce the plans and activities of US soldiers abroad.

In acknowledgement of this, Pinecam has adopted a series of restrictions in keeping with the provisions of OpSec regulations as they are required of US Army-controlled and owned websites. This is a voluntary measure on our part and is designed to recognize the intent of the official version of these regulations and assist in providing a measure of operational safety to our brave men and women serving our country in foreign battlefields.

Pinecam Moderators and Administrators will remove all posts which contain any of the following types of information and the author will be subject to moderator actions.

1. Any information indicating plans or lessons learned which would reveal military operations, exercises or vulnerabilities. This includes any posted speculation about current or future operations.

2. Any information that would reveal sensitive movements of military assets or the location of units, installations, or personnel where uncertainty regarding location is an element of the security of a military plan or program.

3. Any discussion of current or future dates and times of when soldiers will be in conducting exercises, changing billeting locations or troops movements back home.

4. Any personal information in the following categories about U.S. citizens, DOD employees and military personnel:

    Social Security Account Numbers.
    Dates of Birth.
    Home Addresses.
    Home Telephone Numbers.
    Names, Locations, or any other identifying information about family members of DOD employees or military personnel.
5. Any technical data such as:

    Weapon Schematics.
    Weapon System Vulnerabilities.
    Electronic Wire Diagrams.
    Frequency Spectrum Data.

6. Any information given to you by a soldier that may expose him or her to disciplinary action under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) or OpSec regulations.

7. Any information, rumors, comments or speculation deemed inappropriate by Pinecam management and its Moderators.

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