About This Forum and the Neighborhood Action Team
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Author:  stecat [ Mar 23, 2015 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  About This Forum and the Neighborhood Action Team

We live in a wonderful, active, and giving community! The intent of this forum is to facilitate and encourage neighbors to help neighbors.

Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs)

“A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing either to assist or to cheer up an individual person or people.”

In 2006, after the tragic death of Emily Keyes at the Platte Canyon High School, Pinecammers were encouraged to perform Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) and to pass on the RAK to another person in memory of Emily. Many RAKs have been reported here on Pinecam over the years.

Please continue post any RAK that you received so Pinecammers are reminded that we truly do live in a wonderful community and others may be inspirited to perform RAKs to pass on the love of one another.

Simple Requests for Help

Sometimes, you may need assistance that is hard to find. If you find yourself in need of a simple request of assistance, please post your need in this forum. Hopefully, a caring Pinecammer will see your request and come to your aid.

Some examples of simple requests for help:

  • A ride to a hospital to visit a family member or friend
  • Pick up a prescription from a local grocery store or pharmacy
  • Just a short visit to talk with you

If you need something material like baby clothing, cooking utensils, etc., post your request in the Wanted to Buy/Trade or Looking for Free classified forum.

Please do not request money in this forum. All such requests will be removed promptly.

Caution: Pinecam does not and cannot vet all members and cannot vouch for any member who responds to a request for help. Please use the upmost caution for your own safety when accepting any help from this forum.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Neighborhood Action Team is a group of volunteers from the community that give back to the community. We strive to help those that need help with projects that are beyond their ability to accomplish.

We are not going to try to do things that require a professional journey person with a license to complete, we are lay people that will help:

  • make minor repairs
  • clean up debris
  • do general handyman type tasks

If you find you need more assistance than a simple request for help, add a topic in this forum with your circumstances and what you require. A member of the Neighborhood Action Team will contact you either by Pinecam Personal Message or email and, if they can help, will make the necessary arrangements asking you for your location, time preferences, and how much you can help with the project.

The Neighborhood Action Team would also appreciate if you can take before and after pictures of your project and pictures of the team in progress. However, this is not a requirement for requesting assistance.

If you request assistance and it is provided, you will be expected to participate in future activities in some manner to help others. Some ways you can reciprocate assistance from the Neighborhood Action Team are:

  • take an active part in a future project
  • bake cookies or provide some kind of food or drink for a future project
  • knit or crochet or sew something helpful to a neighbor
  • provide some simple assistance to a neighbor
  • donate some of your time to a local non-profit or charity

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