Help Finding Your Missing Pet Resources
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Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Jan 19, 2016 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Help Finding Your Missing Pet Resources

This is a compiled list of resources to contact if you lose a pet. In addition to starting a thread in Lost and Found Pets in Pinecam's Pet Corner, please contact the agencies below for your county.

Resources in the immediate 285 Corridor and Evergreen areas:

Intermountain Humane Society (303) 838-2668

Evergreen Animal Protection League (303) 674-6442

Jefferson County Foothills Animal Shelter (303) 278-7575

Jefferson County Animal Control (303) 271-5070

Park County Animal Control (719) 836-4121 ext.5

Evergreen Animal Protective League 303-674-6442

Facebook: Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Pine & Bailey-CO Lost & Found Pets ... tfoundpets

Metro Denver Area Shelters:

Adams County Animal Shelter 303-288-3294

Arapaho County 720-874-6750

Arapaho County - Aurora 303.326.8280 ... /index.htm

Arapaho County - Littleton - Humane Society of the South Platte Valley 303-703-2938

Boulder County - Humane Society of Boulder Valley 303-442-4030

Clear Creek/Gilpin County Animal Shelter - Charlie's Place 303-679-2477

Denver County Denver Animal Shelter 3-1-1 or 720-913-1311 ... elter.html

Jefferson County Foothills Animal Shelter 303-278-7575

Animal Control:

Arvada Animal Control 720.898.6850

Broomfield Animal Control 303-438-6400

Clear Creek County 303.534.5777, x398

Edgewater Animal Control 303.235.0502

Englewood Animal Control 303.762.2336

Gilpin County 303.572.0750

Golden Code Enforcement 303.384.8045

Lakeside Police 303.477.1621

Lakewood Animal Control 303.987.7173

Longmont Animal Control 303.772.1232

Littleton Animal Control 303.794.1551

Morrison Police 303.697.8749

Mountain View Police 303.421.7282

Northglenn Animal Control 303.288.3294

Thornton Animal Control 303.538.7517

Westminster Animal Control 303.430.2400, x4328

Wheat Ridge Animal Parks 303.235.2926

Additional sites where you can post your missing pet:

Lost and Found

Pet Harbor

Fido Finder

**Thank you to all members who have contributed to this list. Only through ongoing participation like this can we keep as up-to-date as possible.

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Jan 19, 2016 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Resources to Help Find Your Missing Pet

IMHS wrote:
just a reminder that IMHS has a microchip reader and is happy to help animals reunite with their owners. Bring the found animal to the shelter during regular business hours and we will happily scan the animal and work with you to find the owners. Hours and location information can be found at

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Jan 19, 2016 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Resources to Help Find Your Missing Pet

JMiller wrote:
these are things other cammers have done to help get their lost kitties back home: ... t=lose+cat

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Jan 19, 2016 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Resources to Help Find Your Missing Pet

Pinecam Moderators wrote:
Here is a website that has great information and tips for people looking for their lost pet.

Thanks to lfruder for providing us with this link.

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Jan 19, 2016 3:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Resources to Help Find Your Missing Pet

wildGoose2 wrote:

After 12 days of searching, he had lost hope. But then he learned about this awesome tip and how this has reunited many lost dogs with their families.
image: ... .53-PM.png
“On day 12 of searching for my dog in a heavily wooded area, distraught and hopeless, I ran into a couple of hunters. They said they lost the occasional dog on a hunt but always got them back. What they told me has helped many dogs and families be reunited. I’ve given their advice out a few times in the last couple days, so I thought if reddit has any lost dogs out there, this could help:
The dog owner(s) should take an article of clothing that has been worn at least all day, the longer the better, so the lost dog can pick up the scent.
Bring the article of clothing to the location where the dog was last seen and leave it there. Also, if the dog has a crate & familiar toy, you can bring those too (unless location undesirable for crate). You might also want to leave a note requesting item(s) not to be moved.
Leave a bowl of water there too, as the dog probably hasn’t had access to any. Do not bring food as this could attract other animals that the dog might avoid.
Come back the next day, or check intermittently if possible. Hopefully the dog will be waiting there.
I was skeptical and doubted my dog would be able to detect an article of clothing if he didn’t hear me calling his name as loud as possible all day for 12 days. But I returned the next day and sure enough found him sitting there!
I hope this helps someone out there who’s missing a best friend. Good luck :)
Please share to help more families find their missing four-legged family members. I’ve seen this work a number of times.

Read more at ... 6xlBHcY.99 ... bhjr4DQ.01

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Jan 19, 2016 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Resources to Help Find Your Missing Pet

wildGoose2 wrote:
a woman lost her cat and with the tips provided by a 'pet detective' (someone who looks for lost pets) she found him after 27 days
so she wants to help others and started a website with lots of useful tips (a baited trap every single night helped her)

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Jan 19, 2016 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Resources to Help Find Your Missing Pet

koala1 wrote:
Such valuable information in this thread - particularly regarding bringing an article of clothing to the location of where the dog was last seen and leaving it there.

AND it doesn't seem to matter how long ago the dog was lost.

This was posted to the “Murphy Braun” Facebook page on the 16th of June 2014: ... &ref=br_tf

“After 20 long months of being in the Tahoe National Forest, Murphy has come home.
As you can imagine we are completely shocked and amazed with the miracle of her surviving this long.
We responded to a call from a couple who spotted a dog matching her description in an area within 5 miles of where we lost her.
After multiple days looking for her without success, we left her bed and our clothing behind with the campground host, in the hopes that she would respond.

A week went by and we got a call from the campground host who was able to coax her into a kennel after she had been sleeping every night on the blanket and clothing that was left behind.

We were reunited with Murphy, on Sunday afternoon – Father’s Day!

She is on the road to recovery, very thin and frail but happy to be home with her family. We have so many people to thank the list is endless.

Words cannot describe how grateful we are.

Homeward Bound was instrumental in their efforts to help, the campground host – Jason, Jacob (guy that made the call), Missy, Lea, Deann, Teresa, Mike, Mike, Mary, Jason, Lauren, Larry, Bubba, Wawa, Bob and Kim —

You all know who you are Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are forever grateful.” – Nathan and Erin Braun ... -family-2/

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Aug 14, 2016 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help Finding Your Missing Pet Resources

Walela wrote:
This site has some very valuable info on recovering lost and panicked pets along with other missing pet topics. I'm definitely guilty of the clapping and slowly approaching method which never works. Now I know why. ... -behavior/

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